Southeastern Crowned Snake

Tantilla coronata


The Southeastern Crowned Snake is a small, fossorial species found in hardwood forests, swamp margins, and oak hammocks in eastern Mississippi (Powell et al., 2016). It is a light brown snake with a black head and neck. A light ring separates the black coloration behind the head, and is a distinct character to this species. These snakes are nocturnal and spend much of their time below soil, logs, or leaf litter (Behler & King, 1979). 

Southeastern Crowned Snake, © CJ Hillard

Identifying Traits

  • Light brown body with black head
  • Light band behind head


Hardwood forests, swamp margins, forest margins, rotting logs


Fossorial, generally spend their time underground


Various small invertebrates

Closeup of Tantilla coronata, © CJ Hillard
Tantilla coronata found during a herpetological survey, South Mississippi, © Kevin Narum