Rough Greensnake

Opheodrys aestivus


Greensnakes are highly arboreal snakes found throughout the eastern US. The Rough Greensnake is the only member of this genus found in Mississippi, and is entirely green with keeled scales. Body is long and slender to mimic vegetation for camouflage. Rough Greensnakes are diurnal hunters, and rest on tree limps at night. They may be seen crossing roads often during the summer months, and constitute a portion of road mortality. Rough Greensnakes hunt tree- and grass-dwelling invertebrates. They may perform a swaying motion to mimic vegetation in the breeze.

Rough Greensnake stretching beyond a shrub branch, Harrison Co. (MS)

Identifying Traits

  • Slender green body
  • Keeled scales


Forests, grasslands, marshes, swamps


Mimic vegetation, active hunter during the day, sleeps among tree limbs at night


Arboreal invertebrates

Adult snake moving across a forest road, Stone Co. (MS)
Headshot of a Rough Greensnake, Harrison Co. (MS)