Common Wormsnake

Carphophis amoenus


This species is the only representative of the wormsnake genus in Mississippi. It may be encountered throughout the state, outside of the Mississippi Delta region. It is brown to pinkish in color, with the venter being lighter than the dorsum. Belly is plain. They are a relatively widespread  species and fossorial, searching below forest floor, rock, and log cover for invertebrates. They are often found in sloped environments.

Carphophis amoenus from a sandhill habitat, Richmond Co. (NC)

Identifying Traits

  • Brown upper body with pinkish belly
  • Pointed tail (sometimes referred to as a stinger but does not serve that purpose)

Subspecies Present:

Midwestern Wormsnake (Carphophis amoenus helenae)


Damp forested or grassy hillsides (Behler & King, 1979)



Fossorial, most often found under cover


Various invertebrates, earthworms and small insects

Adult Wormsnake found in a sloped forest, Transylvania Co. (NC)
Closeup of head, Transylvania Co. (NC)