Order Squamata: Serpentes

Save for only six species, all of Mississippi’s native snakes are harmless. See families Elapidae (venomous) and Viperidae (venomous) at the bottom of this array to learn more about identifying venomous species. While potentially harmful if haphazardly provoked, all snake species, including venomous species, are valuable members of our natural environments and deserve to coexist in our lives.

Colubridae (Harmless)

Subfamily Colubrinae

Colubridae (Harmless)

Subfamily Dipsadinae

Colubridae (Harmless)

Subfamily Natricinae

Elapidae (Venomous)

One species in the state, highly venomous, hesitant to bite when left alone

Viperidae (Venomous)

Thick-bodied vipers, venomous yet docile when left alone