Western Dwarf Salamander

Eurycea paludicola


Formerly a member of the Eurycea quadridigitata complex, recently split based on genetic and fine-scale morphological analyses (Wray et al., 2017). Found in south Mississippi and west toward Louisiana. No morphological characters have been determined to identify the newly described species. Anecdotally, E. paludicola is more of a generalist in terms of habitat selection, and can be found in woodlands, lowland swamps, flatwoods, and streamsides. Members of this complex are identified with the noting of four toes on each limb. Patterning is minimal, and may include spots, lines, and speckling. They are usually yellow-orange on the dorsum and may be gray or brown on the sides and belly. May have y-shape between eyes.

Adult female found near a stream, Catahoula Par. (LA)

Identifying Traits

  • Four toes on each limb
  • Range and habitat may aid in species identification


Can be found in woodlands, lowland swamps, flatwoods, and streamsides


Generally utilizes natural structures like rocks and logs for shelter


Various small invertebrates

Individual in-hand, Rapides Par. (LA)
Adult female, Forrest Co. (MS)
Adult Western Dwarf Salamadner from a swamp, Forrest Co. (MS)