Two-toed Amphiuma

Amphiuma means


Common in various bodies of water in its range of southeast Mississippi. Amphiumas are long, dark-bodied, and eel-like with very small vestigial appendages. They are the largest (by body size) genus of salamanders in the United States.

Young Two-toed Amphiuma from a creek in southeast Louisiana, St. Tammany Par. (LA)

Identifying Traits

  • Dark long body with highly reduced limbs
  • Usually found with two toes on appendages, although individuals can vary


Nearly any body of water (Powell et al., 2016)


Ambush predator of fish, rarely leaves water. Often move after large rain events when wetlands or areas between suitable habitat are flooded.


Various small invertebrates, fish, amphibian larva (voracious feeders)

Closeup of two-toed appendage, Forrest Co. (MS)
Two-toed Amphiuma trapped in a biodiversity survey, Hancock Co. (MS)