Mud Salamander

Pseudotriton montanus (State Status: S2; imperiled)


Mud salamanders are large, often thick-bodied stream-dwelling amphibians found in coastal and central Mississippi. Disjunct populations exist in northeast Mississippi as well (Powell et al., 2016). They are reddish or orange with round black dots. Mud Salamanders are usually found in muddy seepages or swamps.

Gulf Coast Mud Salamander, Washington Par. (LA)

Identifying Traits

  • Large orange-red body
  • Round black dots
  • Blunt, round head

Subspecies present:

Gulf Coast Mud Salamander (Pseudotriton montanus flavissimus)


Muddy or mucky seepages, swamps, ponds



Generally utilizes natural structures like rocks and logs for shelter


Various small invertebrates

Gulf Coast Mud Salamander, © Kevin Hutcheson
Larval stage of the Mud Salamander, aquatic with external gills. Note the spots are visible, which are similar to adults as the larvae mature. Washington Par. (LA)
Gulf Coast Mud Salamander from Louisiana, © Connor Reinoso
Mud Salamander, © Kevin Hutcheson