Gulf Coast Waterdog

Necturus beyeri


This species of salamander can be found in flowing bodies of water with sand bottoms. They range in almost all of Mississippi. They are dark brown or tan with many dark spots that continue to the belly. They maintain all four limbs, but are highly specialized for aquatic environments with external gills and laterally compressed tails. GC water dogs can be 6-8 inches fully grown (Powell et al., 2016).

Young individual from a stream, St. Tammany Par. (LA)

Identifying Traits

  • Tan or brown body with spots throughout
  • External gills
  • Spots extent to belly (differentiates from N. maculosus)


Sandy-bottom flowing water


Generally utilizes natural structures like rocks and logs for shelter, highly aquatic and rarely leaves water bodies


Various invertebrates

An adult from a survey project, Allen Par. (LA)