Green Salamander

Aneides aeneus (State Status: S1; critically imperiled)


The Green Salamander is restricted to rocky habitats in the extreme northeast of Mississippi. They are usually found taking refuge in cracks of limestone or sandstone rock faces (as members of the climbing salamander genus). Length is usually 3-5 inches (Powell et al., 2016). This species is easily identifiable by habitat and coloration. Unmistakable mottled green, black, and white throughout body.

Adult male found in the rocky habitats of northeast Mississippi

Identifying Traits

  • Green mottling


Rocky outcroppings in elevated areas


Ambush predator of fish, rarely leaves water. Often move after large rain events when wetlands or areas between suitable habitat are flooded.


Climbs and seeks refuge in rockface cracks and surfaces

Habitat, Winston Co. (AL), © Brittany Maldonado
Individual found in a rocky outcrop, Winston Co. (AL), © Brittany Maldonado
Green Salamander, Tishomingo Co. (MS), © Kevin Narum
Closeup of head, northeast Mississippi
Adult Green Salamander in a wet crevice, © Ananth Miller-Murthy