Four-toed Salamander

Hemidactylium scutatum (State Status: S2; imperiled)


While common on the east coast and northeast US, H. scutatum is only sparsely found in a few areas of central and eastern Mississippi. They are small rusty-colored salamanders with a light underside with black spots. Four toes are present on each limb. 

Adult H. scutatum, © Kevin Hutcheson

Identifying Traits

  • Four toes on each limb
  • Constriction at base of tail (separates from dwarf salamanders)
  • Belly white with black spots


Found near sphagnum or boggy wooded wetlands


Generally utilizes natural structures like rocks and logs for shelter


Various small invertebrates

Adult on leaf, Roane Co. (TN), © Bryce Wade
© Kevin Hutcheson
Closeup of a juvenile H. scutatum, Hampshire Co. (MA)