Sri Lankan Spotted House Gecko

Hemidactylus parvimaculatus


No native geckos are found in Mississippi, however, two potential nonnative species may be found. Spotted House Geckos are relatively common in the neighboring state of Louisiana, and are hypothesized to be expanding east and west via Interstate Highway 10. Geckos are most often seen at night ambushing insects near light fixtures on building walls and surfaces. The Spotted House Gecko is cream-colored or translucent, with dark spotting generally present in three distinct rows on the back. Tubercles are much more reduced than in H. turcicus. Only one county has a confirmed observation (Howell, Maldonado, & Grimes, unpublished data).

Adult H. parvimaculatus on the side of a house, Jefferson Par. (LA)

Identifying Traits

  • Spots in three rows
  • Tubercles reduced (separates from Mediterranean house gecko)


Buildings in developed areas


Active at night, often hunt insects near light sources on gas stations, cement structures, houses, other buildings


Various invertebrates

Young individual on a piece of wood, South Mississippi