Six-lined Racerunner

Aspidoscelis sexlineata


Six-lined Racerunners are the sole representative of the Whiptail group in the eastern United States. In Mississippi, the can be encountered anywhere in the state, however generally in drier forested or grassland habitats often with dry or sandy soils. Only one subspecies is present, the Eastern Six-lined Racerunner. They have 6 bright lines (7 in the prairie supspecies) separated by solid brown, black, or green. Tail is long. This species is highly active diurnally; when at peak thermal conditions these lizards are very fast and agile. 

Adult female in a degraded upland pine habitat, Greene Co. (MS)

Identifying Traits

  • 6 or 7 light stripes on back with dark, unpatterned scales separating them
  • Blue or greenish hues in adults

Subspecies Present:

Eastern Six-lined Racerunner (Aspidoscelis sexlineata sexlineata)


Forests, dunes, grasslands with dry soils and open areas



Highly active and quick when warm, burrows into sand at night (Behler & King, 1979)


Various invertebrates

Young individual from a cedar glade, Tennessee