Prairie Lizard

Sceloporus consobrinus


The Prairie Lizard is a species of spiny lizard native to the midwestern US, and western Mississippi. The species is hypothesized to range into the coastal counties based on phylogenetic analysis (Leaché, 2009). In coastal Mississippi they intergrade with Eastern Fence Lizards, and may not be distinguishable through traditional morphological characters. Sceloporus consobrinus is brown or gray with a bold light line on the side of the body. Adult males are not as patterned but have bright blue belly and throat markings. They are generally found in forest habitats. Exact delineations of the Prairie and the Eastern Fence Lizard ranges are unclear.

Prairie Lizard basking on a rock in pine habitat, Natchitoches Par. (LA)

Identifying Traits

  • Males with blue coloration on underside
  • Has light lateral line on sides when further away from S. undulatus range (Powell et al., 2016)


Sandy, dry ecosystems, pine savannas, forests


Active diurnally, skilled climber when approached


Various invertebrates