Mediterranean House Gecko

Hemidactylus turcicus


No native geckos are found in Mississippi, however, two potential nonnative species may be found. The more common species is the Mediterranean House Gecko, and can be encountered in urban areas along Mississippi’s coast, as well as in other cities in the state. Geckos are most often seen at night ambushing insects near light fixtures on building walls and surfaces. The Mediterranean House Gecko is cream-colored or translucent, with dark spotting sometimes present. Small white protuberances, called tubercles, are present along the sides and on the tail (separates from another potential species).

Individual found at a gas station, Warren Co. (MS)

Identifying Traits

  • Light body color with or without darker spotting throughout
  • Pronounced white tubercles along sides and tail


Buildings in developed areas


Active at night, often hunt insects near light sources on gas stations, cement structures, houses, other buildings


Various invertebrates