Green Anole

Anolis carolinensis


The Green Anole is a relatively common green or brown lizard found throughout Mississippi. Bodies are generally completely green, but individuals may darken to brown or gray during various behaviors. Females have a lighter row of scales down the middle of the back. Adult males will compete for territory by doing “pushup” motions and flashing the bright orange-pink dulap (extending neck flap). They may be found in a wide range of habitats and feast on invertebrates.

Green Anole basking on a log, St. Martin Par. (LA)

Identifying Traits

  • Green (or brown) body, four legs, long slender tail
  • Longer head than brown anoles
  • Orange dulap



Urban parks, swamps, forests, coastal marshes, manmade structures


Males are territorial and will do “pushups” and flex their dulaps when other males are present. They occasionally do this upon encountering people as well


Various invertebrates