Spring Peeper

Pseudacris crucifer


Spring peepers are well-known winter and spring callers throughout their range. They are found in a majority of the state outside of northwest Mississippi. These frogs are small, brown or orange, with a distinct “cross” or “X” pattern on the back (hence “crucifer”). Their call is a clear, evenly, and slowly repeated “peep” “peep” “peep.”

Spring Peeper calling from an emphemeral pond in south Mississippi, Harrison Co. (MS)

Identifying Traits

  • Generally a prominent “X” shape on back, may vary in shape’s completeness
  • Dark eye mask and visible toepads


Nearly any fresh body of water


In Mississippi, these frogs often call and breed in late fall to early spring. Calling increases with rainfall; they’ll prefer to breed after winter rains.

Spring Peepers calling in a temporary wetland after a rain
High-pitched call is P. crucifer, among their sounds is the Barking Treefrog


Various small invertebrates

Spring Peeper with reduced dorsal pattern active in January, Forrest Co. (MS)
Male frog resting on floating pine litter, Tangipahoa Par. (LA)
Male individual with deflated vocal sac, Harrison Co. (MS)
Amplexing pair of adults, Claiborne Co. (MS)