Southern Toad

Anaxyrus terrestris


The southern toad is a common sight in the southeastern half of the state (Powell et al., 2016). Colors often have a reddish tint, and include orange, brown, maroon, or gray. These toads usually dominate southern and coastal counties as the most common species of toad. Their call is much shorter than A. americanus, usually 1-4 seconds (Powell et al., 2016). No subspecies are recognized.

Male toad moving into a seasonal wetland, Harrison Co. (MS)

Identifying Traits

  • Cranial crests prominent and have distinct knobs (separate from other toads)
  • Often some form of reddish hue (not all)


Nearly any body of water to breed, open urban areas, woodlands (Powell et al., 2016)


Various invertebrates

Amplexing pair of toads in a coastal neighborhood, Jackson Co. (MS)
Dark individual from the Florida Panhandle, Wakulla Co. (FL)
A Southern Toad moving across a sand road, Harrison Co. (MS)