Southern Chorus Frog

Pseudacris nigrita


Southern chorus frogs are native a large area of the southeastern US and are found in the three coastal counties, as well as those adjacent north. Their coloration is notably “dusky” with charcoal grays and near-blacks in some of their patterns. The are the “darkest of chorus frogs” (Peterson et al., 2016). Instead of lines or bars, they are often marked with spots. Its call sounds like that of a metallic comb being pulled along a finger.

Southern chorus frog leaving a piney wetland after breeding, Harrison Co. (MS)

Identifying Traits

  • Darkest of the chorus frog species
  • Mix of ashy gray or charcoal broken stripes and spots on dark brown or gray body


Wet pine flatwoods, marshes, swamps, and ponds (Peterson et al., 2016)


“Metallic comb”-like call in winter and spring months

Chorus of P. nigrita calling in the distance


Various small invertebrates

A male calling from within a clump of wetland vegetation, Harrison Co. (MS)
Dorsal pattern, Harrison Co. (MS)