River Frog

Lithobates heckscheri (State Status: S1; critically imperiled)


River frogs are found along the southeast coast, often in bayous or swamps. They are not commonly found in Mississippi, and range estimates only include the extreme southeast portion of the state. Dorsum is green or dark green, venter is usually dark gray with small light markings. Calls sound like “deep snores” that last for a couple of seconds (Powell et al., 2016).┬áThe last museum-vouchered specimen was collected from Franklin County in 1959 (KU 686756248). It is likely extirpated from Mississippi due to habitat loss as a result of the state’s coastline development.

River Frog found and photographed by Kevin Hutcheson

Identifying Traits

  • Light spots on lips, often extend to eardrum
  • Dark belly with small light marks


Bayous, streamsides, swamps (Powell at al., 2016)


Deep snoring call from males that lasts for a couple of seconds (Powell et al., 2016)


Various small invertebrates