Pine Woods Treefrog

Hyla femoralis


Pinewoods tree frogs are found in pine/mixed pine forests in southern Mississippi. Powell et al. includes a small population in the northern part of the state as well. They’re small tree frogs that variably gray, green, tan, or rich brown. Inner thighs are contrasting distinct yellow spots on a non-yellow background. Males’ calls are often described as an “idling diesel engine” or “machine gun”. 

Calling male on pine tree near an ephemeral wetland, Harrison Co. (MS)

Identifying Traits

  • Distinct yellow spots on non-yellow background (see below pictures; separates from Cope’s gray tree frog)


Pine flatwoods and savannas, mixed pine-oak forests near bogs or ponds (Powell et al., 2016)


Listen for a continuous “idling diesel engine” or “machine gun” call near piney bodies of water from the males in breeding season.

A Pine Woods Treefrog calling with a Barking Treefrog calling intermittently
Pine Woods Treefrogs calling with Barking Treefrogs in the background


Various invertebrates

Female moving through wetland, Harrison Co. (MS)
Greenish individual calling on a pine tree, Harrison Co. (MS)
Calling male in grass, yellow thigh spotting visible, Harrison Co. (MS)
Light-colored male, Harrison Co. (MS)
Reddish individual, a common morphology at this wetland, Harrison Co. (MS)