Pig Frog

Lithobates grylio


The pig frog is native to Atlantic and Gulf Coast swamps and marshes and can be found in the southern and coastal counties of Mississippi. Coloration is usually green, with less mottling than bull frogs. They are large, although not usually as large as bull frogs. The call is quite fitting; literally sounding like an oinking pig.

Male pig frog from a large pond, Liberty Co. (FL)

Identifying Traits

  • Green body, oinking call
  • Hind foot webbing on longest toe usually to tip of toe (separates from bull frog)
  • Some individuals with rusty markings on back


Male will call in late spring and summer with “oink oink oink” like the grunts of a pig


Like bull frogs, may attempt to eat anything it can swallow including crawfish, insects, and fish

Pig Frog call from a Louisiana lake (0:13)


Various invertebrates

Adult Pig Frog calling in a swamp, Jefferson Par. (LA)
Adult Pig Frog crossing a gravel road, St. Martin Par. (LA)