Pickerel Frog

Lithobates palustris (State Status: S3S4; vulnerable)


This species can be found throughout central Mississippi, only really excluding some southeastern counties. These frogs are usually brown with 2 rows of square/rectangular spots on the back. Males have paired vocal sacs and all adults will have bright yellow or orange on the inner thighs. Calls sound like “soft snores” that last for a couple of seconds (Powell et al., 2016). 

Adult Pickerel Frog active on a rainy night, Claiborne Co. (MS)

Identifying Traits

  • Dark square or rectangular spots on dorsum
  • Bright yellow or orange on inner thighs (separates from southern leopard frog)


Marshes, swamps, lakes, ponds (Powell et al., 2016)


Deep snoring call from males, lasts for a couple of seconds (Powell et al., 2016)


Various invertebrates

Individual with larger dark blotches, not typically patterned, Montgomery Co. (AR)
Pickerel Frog found after a decent rain, Bienville Par. (LA) © CJ Hillard
Common variant of dorsal pattern where blotches are elongated or connected, Worcester Co. (MA)
Pickerel Frog found under a railroad tie, Polk Co. (AR)