Ornate Chorus Frog

Pseudacris ornata (State Status: S1; critically imperiled)


Differing from the usual browns and grays of many chorus frogs, ornate chorus frogs boast oranges and greens with dark, bold masking near the head and sides, as well as dark spotting. They can be common in some parts of their range, however, they are believed to be extirpated from Mississippi due to habitat loss. Their range consists of the coastal counties and those adjacent north. None have been reported in Mississippi in decades.

Ruddy colored individual from southern Mississippi © CJ Hillard

Identifying Traits

  • Chunky size
  • Dark, bold mask and spotting
  • Often green or orange (separates from other native chorus frogs)


Pine barrens, flatwoods, wet meadows (Peterson et al., 2016)


“Metallic” and subtle singular”tink” “tink” call in winter and spring months


Various small invertebrates

Individual sporting the green variation, © Kevin Hutcheson
Gray/brown male, © Kevin Hutcheson
Reddish individual, © Kevin Hutcheson