Oak Toad

Anaxyrus quercicus


Oak toads are only found in the coastal counties of Mississippi (Powell et al., 2016). Colors are gray or charcoal-black with blotches and a lighter-colored middorsal line. Cranial crests are not needed to identify. Body sizes are exceptionally small (< 1.5 inches). They inhabit various coastal sandy pine forests and oak/pine scrublands, even near saltmarshes. No subspecies are recognized. Call is similar to a baby bird “peeep” “peeep.”

Oak Toad male found calling in a pitcher plant bog, Jackson Co., MS

Identifying Traits

  • Diminutive body size
  • Gray or charcoal in color
  • Yellow, cream, orange, or white middorsal stripe
A chorus of Oak Toads from the Florida panhandle


Sandy pine savannas, pitcher plant bogs, pine/oak mixed forests, open and maritime woodlands (Powell et al., 2016)


Various invertebrates

Male calling in a pond in the Florida Panhandle, Liberty Co. (FL), © CJ Hillard