Gulf Coast Toad

Incilius nebulifer (State Status: S3; vulnerable)


Gulf Coast toads, while common in nearby states like Louisiana, are not often seen in Mississippi. Their range extends to the very southwest and coastal counties. As the only member of Genus Incilius, they are noticeably different in appearance to other toads native to the state. Colors are often less variable, sticking close to dark gray/brown with yellow or cream-colored accent marks. Their call is similar to the southern toad, although can be repeated more frequently in succession (Powell et al., 2016). No subspecies are recognized.

Female Gulf Coast Toad, St. Martin Par. (LA)

Identifying Traits

  • Cranial crests form “triangle” on top of head
  • “Black and yellow” coloration. Colors can vary.


Coastal natural and urban areas (Powell et al., 2016)


Various invertebrates

Gulf Coast toad from a large wetland, Jefferson Par. (LA)
Light-colored toad from Texas, Gonzalez Co. (TX)
View of the back of the head, individual from St. Martin Par. (LA)