Green Frog

Lithobates clamitans


Green frogs are relatively common throughout Mississippi. They are usually 2-3 inches in length with brown, bronze, or green coloration. They are differentiated from other American water frogs (Lithobates sp.) by their dorsolateral skin folds along the left and right sides of the dorsum.

An adult Green Frog from southwest Mississippi (Jackson Co.)

Identifying Traits

  • Green or bronze body color
  • Dorsolateral skin folds (separates from bull frog, pig frog)


Most bodies of water in urban or natural areas


Male call sounds is similar to a banjo “plunk”


Various invertebrates

Bronze frog near the Pascagoula River, Jackson Co. (MS)
Two-toned frog with green and brown colors, Tangipahoa Par. (LA)
Juvenile frog from a seasonal wetland, Tangipahoa Par. (LA)
Lithobates clamitans, adult female from a small body of water, Lafayette Par. (LA)