Fowler’s Toad

Anaxyrus fowleri


Fowler’s toads can be found throughout the state of Mississippi (Powell et al., 2016). Colors include gray, olive, reddish, or yellowish with a middorsal line and dark blotches. In this species, paratoid glands are often more oval-shaped, and come in direct contact to the cranial crests. Underside usually plain white or yellow, with a few dark spots (Powell et al., 2016). Its call is much shorter than A. americanus, usually 1-4 seconds (Powell et al., 2016). No subspecies are recognized.

Fowler’s Toad crossing a road between agricultural fields, Claiborne Co. (MS)

Identifying Traits

  • Cranial crests prominent and in direct contact with paratoids
  • 3 or more warts in largest blotches (usually)
  • Toads are highly variable and not all characters may be present


Nearly any body of water to breed, urban areas, forests, prairies (Powell et al., 2016)


Various invertebrates

One of dozens of Fowler’s Toads crossing a road between wetlands after dusk, Issaquena Co. (MS)
Fowler’s Toad from a glade in Tennessee
Closeup of an individual from Claiborne County, MS
Fowler’s Toad from a hardwood forest, Tangipahoa Par., LA