Bird-voiced Treefrog

Hyla avivoca


Bird-voiced tree frogs are found throughout Mississippi. They’re medium-sized tree frogs that are usually gray or green “lichen” colored with a green eye spot below the eye. Thighs are marked with small green spots. Their call is clear and recognizable in late spring and early summer. It could be mistaken for the tweeting of a bird, a clear “weep” “weep” “weep” “weep” in succession. 

Male Bird-voiced Treefrog calling above a small swamp, Forrest Co. (MS)

Identifying Traits

  • Green or gray “lichen”-colored body, often smoother looking than Cope’s gray tree frog.
  • Green spot below eye
  • Green spots on inner thigh (see photo; separates from other tree frogs)


Wooded swamps around flowing water (Peterson et al., 2016)


Male call sounds almost like a bird. Clear “weep” “weep” “weep” “weep” in quick succession.

Typical Bird-voiced Treefrog call. Background chorus is Pine Woods Treefrog.


Various invertebrates

Male calling, Forrest Co. (MS)
Young individual crawling on palmetto, Jefferson Par. (LA)
A male perched on a branch, Jackson Co. (MS)