American Bullfrog

Lithobates catesbeianus


American Bullfrogs are large, green frogs found throughout the state of Mississippi. They can be mottled with dark marks, mostly green, or a mixture of the two. Like many members of Genus Lithobates, the tympanum (“ear drum”) size can differentiate sex. Males’ are larger than the eyes, females’ are about the same size as the eye. Bullfrogs are voracious predators and can eat small mammals, fish, amphibian larvae, and other bullfrogs. They are a problematic invasive species in the western United States.

A bullfrog crossing a road on a rainy night, Harrison Co. (MS)

Identifying Traits

  • Can be vary large, often with dark mottling on green body
  • No dorsolateral skin folds (separates green frog)
  • Length of webbing on hind feet does not extend to longest toe (separates from pig frog)


Nearly any body of water, although most commonly found in non-flowing systems.‚Äč


Males emit a low “vvvvvvmm” growl or or hum when calling during the breeding season.


Various invertebrates

Female bullfrog from southwest Louisiana, Acadia Par. (LA)
Male bullfrog, Cameron Par. (LA)